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Hi, a warm welcome from De'  she is a singer/songwriter from Memphis TN with a very sassy very unique spin on music ,when she's not home taking care of  her 9 yr old daughter she is  usually out and about networking , performing and creating music ,she also plays some cool instruments (Guitar, Piano and Drums). and has also  been singing since the age of 2 .


Music has always been a way for her to express herself  at the most highest, lowest and most encouraging points of her life and  she knew at a young age that music was her strong suit and being able to out fill a room with her voice/presence was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. In present day she is working to release her New EP "Trial && Error " and also finding ways of helping her community not only in Los Anglese But back home in Tennessee She says she is always striving to be a better person for her 6 year old daughter and to show her that if  you never give up hard work will always pay off.

"Unique pop/Soul/Rock Artist, De', soon releases a debut EP synthesised to perfection".  

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