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Hard Rock Cafe "Music Matters" one of my first performances.

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

"De' " Takes the stage for the 2016 "Music Matters" In Memphis ,TN. Read how she got herself involved in this experience.

Hi Guys first i want to start off by thanking you guys for coming to my blog post. I enjoy letting you all in on exclusive information about my journey as an artist, This post i simply talk about my experience performing at the 2016 "Music Matters" event at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street in Memphis TN.

“Does Music Matter to you?”

I was so honored to be one of the people picked to perform at this event, it was actually right before i left to move to New York for college, but that's another post for another amazing occasion, it was almost one of my first performance's , the reason i say almost is because prior to this live gig i was already apart of a music academy (Stax Music Academy) and a talent agency so even though i had performed numerous times this specific performance was "ME" working along side a live band and background singers that was actually playing for "ME", and i have a huge fear even though I've performed a ton of times i can't seem to get over this stage fright i have been having for years and that was the first time i had ever took the steps necessary to getting out of that fear with the help of other's around me. on the other hand the Music academy was more like a group setting with multiple people doing solo parts (including me) but we were all performing as a group with a lot of acting and dance as well more like Broadway/theatrical and based only on Motown and blues.

Music Matters Live

Is a organization featuring over 40 bands from 12 countries, Music Matters Live in association with Apple Music is based from Asia’s premier independent music festival and is back in Singapore September 9-13 2017, for its seventh edition for 5 big days of music discovery. various Timbre Music venues, CANVAS, & Hard Rock Cafe.

The Butterflies are kicking in.

As time goes on it was getting closer and closer for me to go on stage and all i can remember thinking about was the fear of messing up or possibly fainting (hehe) the performance was very intimate and had around 50 or more people watching and it was overwhelming and terrifying all at once but as i go up to the stage butterflies were kicking in and it was my time to make a first impression, heart beating fast head spinning but i still manage to keep it together enough to do an amazing job i couldn't believe that i actually did it the feeling of accomplishing something that you are always battling to over come it felt amazing ,that goes to show that if you never give up anything possible.

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